Workshop 1 : Security

Day 1 | 10 September 2018 | 1.30pm – 3:00pm

Why is it so difficult to bake security into IoT?

Chaired by: Matt Tett, Managing Director, Enex Testlab, Chair, IoTAA

Securing IoT – it can be done!

IoT products enter the market with little consideration for basic security, safety and privacy protections. Insecure devices present various vulnerabilities, making them potential targets and vectors for attacks on other networks, users, and critical infrastructure.

In this session we explore why it is so difficult to bake security into IoT and what the IoTAA is doing to support the industry

Workshop 2 : Cities & Data

Day 1 | 10 September 2018 | 3.30pm – 5:00pm

Data Driving Smarter City Success: Preparation, Platforms and Policy

Co-chaired by: Adam Beck, Executive Director, Smart Cities Council
Geof Heydon, Associate, Creatortech, Chair, IOTAA Platforms and Interoperability workstream

This workshop will help participants navigate some of the key stages of IoT enabled data driven success, including preparing your data strategy, scoping your data integration platform and shaping your policy and governance for effective decision making.

This interactive workshop will unpack these three major foundations for IoT success, covering:

  1. Preparation – scoping your data interests and preparing for a data culture in your organisation that tests traditional business silos
  2. Platforms – your key vehicle for the integration and interpretation of data, and therefore your level of actionable intelligence

Policy – helping make the change to a data-led decision making organisation, linked to corporate goals and targets through ecosystem development and a consistent approach to sharing data

Workshop 3 : Food and Agri-Business

Day 2 | 11 September 2018 | 10.45am – 12.15pm

Beyond UX in Agtech – Co-design Workshop

Chaired by: Dr Mike Briers, CEO Food Agility, Chair, IOTAA Food and Agri-business workstream

Agtech is a rapidly expanding digital market but many products fail because they don’t address the core needs of agrifood businesses. The IoTAA and the  Food Agility Co-Design Workshop takes us beyond traditional user-experience testing towards a user-centred, design-led innovation model that puts end users in the room from the very beginning. This hands-on workshop will take participants through a real-life scenario focussing on an agrifood value chain. You will be able to get inside the minds of people who run agrifood businesses – from producers through to distributors – to identify a challenge, come up with a potential solution and market-test your idea/prototype with the people who will be using it. Empathy is the key in this practical, proactive experience that will change how you think about innovation.

Workshop 4 : Water Energy Nexus

Day 2 | 11 September 2018 | 1.30pm – 3:00pm

The Energy, Water, Climate Nexus for a Better Future

Chaired by : Mara Bun, President, Australian Conservation Foundation

The Key Themes being covered in this Workshop include:

  • Circular Economy
  • Energy, Water, Carbon Nexus
  • Water lifecycle and re-use
  • The rise of the prosumer
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Emerging technologies and business models


The format of the session will commence with 3 Provocations delivered by industry leaders.  These Provocations that will then be debated by participants in collaborative discussion groups and a final report back on the ideas shared by all.

  • Provocation 1: A distributed future is possible despite current market concentration. Speaker – AEMO – Jo Witters, Head of Strategy & Innovation.
  • Provocation 2: The prosumer will secure greater value in a distributed future. Speaker – Lisa McLean – CEO – Open Cities.
  • Provocation 3: A sustainable and affordable future is only made possible if data is shared and there is transparency and trust. Speaker –  Stuart White, Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS


“Prepare your IoT future” Masterclass

Day 3 | 12 September 2018 | 9:00pm – 5:00pm

Chaired by: Frank Zeichner, CEO, IOTAA

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting and impactful technological evolutions of our time. Through this course, you’ll be introduced to what IoT is, how it’s come about, and what skills are needed to build capabilities for an “IoT Future”. 

Together, we will get an understanding of how IoT will impact every facet of human life as we move forward and how you can create opportunities for innovation with IoT in different areas of business and life. 

Registration through UTS HERE

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